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The Southwest State University is located in Kursk, Central Russia

SWSU visited by a representative of the Spanish business community

Southwestern State University with a business visit to Francisco Javier Diaz Medina, CEO of Proyectos Sig Integrados, S.L. The purpose of visit - to discuss possible cooperation between Russia and Spain, as well as negotiations to form a joint with SWSU small innovative enterprises.
Meeting with the university Javier Medina began with a meeting with the rector SWSU Sergey Emelyanov. Medina gave Mr. Sergey G. unusual gift: a copy of "Don Quixote", made in honor of quatercentenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes. Such a gesture has set a friendly atmosphere for the talks.
Sergey Emelyanov said Javier Medina on the latest developments of the university:
- Recently, my colleagues came back from Geneva. There was held the 44th International Salon of Innovations. Our school presented their projects there and won the gold medal of the festival and was awarded the Medal of the Royal Society of Thailand.
- Your achievements are worthy of respect. These awards speak about recognition of your university not only in Russia but also worldwide. This is very good in terms of our cooperation. You are an important partner for us, - said Mr. Medina.
In addition to the awards and spoke about the latest developments. Sergei G. told about the center of scientific prototyping «FabLab» and its projects such as robot-fish and an exoskeleton. Development of means of rehabilitation interested Javier Midin:
- In Spain, there is a well-known doctor Pedro Coward. He has created an implant of the face and the hand. I am familiar with Pedro, and when I return to Spain, talk to him. We would be very interested to work with your institution in the field of medical rehabilitation. I think that together we can achieve great things.
Visiting SWSU continued acquaintance with the workings and university laboratories. process automation centers were demonstrated processing satellite images and mapping technologies, nanotechnologies, prototyping and scientific foresight, as well as the Research and Production Center. Javier Medina was impressed with the capabilities of the university, in the plans of the parties - the signing of the agreement on cooperation and joint development.

Catherine GMYRAK, press service SWSU

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