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The Southwest State University is located in Kursk, Central Russia

In German speaking like a native

In mid-April in Moscow in the II Interuniversity scientific-practical conference for students and postgraduates «Welt und Wissenschaft-2016" took part student of the Faculty of Public Administration and International Relations SWSU Svetlana Efremova.
The conference was held at the Higher School of Economics, and was held in the German language, which required high-level speakers from the language training.
Svetlana told about the problems that have arisen in the management of the organization after the changed domestic conditions in the current political situation on the example of the administrative district Hildburghausen (Thuringia, Germany) in the section "Policy and Management." Background is not called into question: the flow of refugees from the regions that are in a difficult situation, and - as a consequence - resulting internal political problems, as well as requirements in the structure of the management in various public areas in Germany.
Prepared Svetlana Lecturer, Department of International Relations and Public Administration Marina Ignatova.
- For the study, we made a request for the analysis of data in the administrative district Hildburghausen our partners. We are grateful Landratov County Thomas Muller and administration for their support in preparing for the conference, as well as a native speaker, teacher of our department Bethge Detlef for their invaluable help in preparing the materials for scientific articles. We were pleased that our report, as well as performance, were assessed by the moderator section perfectly. It should be noted that the conference was held at a high level. During a coffee break, we met and talked with colleagues and students from other universities, and exchanged experiences. It was good to hear from colleagues from the School of Economics and MGIMO, they noted the excellent language training students of our university, - says Marina Nikolaevna.
The participants received certificates and supervisors were awarded letters of thanks for the excellent preparation of students.

Alexander Konareva, press service SWSU

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