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The Southwest State University is located in Kursk, Central Russia

Social life and the City

If you travel five hundred kilometers right south from Moscow you will reach Kursk. The rich history of Kursk can be seen on practically every street, from the French Invasion of Russia in 1812 to the Second World War in 1941 - 1945.

You can enjoy a moderate pace of life here in Kursk – the city runs quietly without hustle and bustle of a mega polis. Never the less the city is alive with young people and students, variety of modern malls and entertainment centres, music festivals and art galleries. Kursk is famous for its magnificent churches and impressive cathedrals that attract thousands of pilgrims.

Geographical location and climate

Summer time lasts from May to September. Average summer temperature is +22 C° and average winter temperature is    -10 C°


Kursk is one of the oldest Russian cities. It has a long and interesting history. Yet it is rapidly developing city. Its population today is over half a million of people. Kursk is a very comfortable place to live in: it has convenient transport links, medical care network, modern shopping malls, stadiums, restaurants, cafes and entertainment centers.



Kursk is also an important cultural center. If you are art lover, there events for any taste and budget from free outdoor music concerts to classical ballets; from folk art to graffiti; from car races to fashion shows.



Main religion is Russian Orthodox, but all other confessions have equal rights.

  Sergievo-Kazansky Cathedral   Roman Catholic Church

Kursk is a big education center. There are four state Universities with the Southwest State University as the biggest one. Every year thousands of foreign students come to get their education here.



How to travel to Kursk

The distance from Moscow is 524 km. From Moscow you can get to Kursk

  • by train from railway station “Kursky”, 6-8 hours, train ticket is RUB 1,000- 3,000;
  • by car, Russian federal highway M2, 6-8 hours,   the cost of gasoline is RUB 30 per liter;
  • by plane, about 1 hour, flight cost RUB 3,000-5,000.

The Znamensky Cathedral of the Kursk eparchy

Kursk Railway Station

Maryino Palace

Korennaya Pustyn