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The Southwest State University is located in Kursk, Central Russia

Diploma supplement

What is this Diploma Supplement?

  • The way to acknowledge Russian education and qualification in international countries;
  • The opportunity to continue your education at universities in countries around the world;
  • The chance to obtain work experience in international companies.


What advantages does Diploma Supplement have?

  • Diploma Supplement is easy to compare with international diplomas;
  • Diploma Supplement contains exact information about the academic program;
  • Diploma Supplement shows peculiarities of the academic program and student’s achievements;
  • Diploma Supplement gives the heads of HR departments at universities and companies exact information about the content of the diploma, obtained results and qualification.


How can you get Diploma Supplement?

  • Get Diploma of Higher Education;
  • Make a copy of the diploma and a copy of the passport;
  • Fill in the form and pay 4500 RUB.;
  • Get your Diploma Supplement.

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