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The Southwest State University is located in Kursk, Central Russia

Southwest State University

SWSU visited by a representative of the Spanish business community

Southwestern State University with a business visit to Francisco Javier Diaz Medina, CEO of Proyectos Sig Integrados, S.L. The purpose of visit - to discuss possible cooperation between Russia and Spain, as well as negotiations to form a joint with SWSU small innovative enterprises.
Meeting with the university Javier Medina began with a meeting with the rector SWSU Sergey Emelyanov. Medina gave Mr. Sergey G. unusual gift: a copy of "Don Quixote", made in honor of quatercentenary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes. Such a gesture has set a friendly atmosphere for the talks.
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The Alley of Friendship opened in SWSU

An important event in the life of the Southwestern State University was the opening of the Alley of Friendship in April the 18th. 50 flags of states, of which the students are enrolled in high school, were raised to the sounds of the anthem of the international student.

As the assistant to the rector Alexander Nemtsov, 4000 Avenue of smokers supported the project on the ballot in social networks.

- These flags symbolize a student friendship. At one of the forums, this initiative was taken by the students themselves, and we have implemented this idea, - says Alexander. Continue reading