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The Southwest State University is located in Kursk, Central Russia


Interesting Science Outdoors

May 19, 2016

At the fitness center by V.Tereshkova the work camp "Young Nightingale edge technology" has completed iys work.  From May, 12 hundreds of students of primary and secondary schools from all over the Kursk region held training courses. It was organized by the Regional Centre for Development of Children and Youth.

The teachers from Kursk universities, including the Southwest State University, help children comprehend the wisdom of science and learn new skills in an interesting and accessible way . During this time, students learn the basics of 3D-modeling, programming of microcontrollers for robots, create computer animation, architecture. The interest aroused and experiences in chemistry and physics puzzles for entertaining math assignments on architecture, merchandising.
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The Alley of Friendship opened in SWSU

An important event in the life of the Southwestern State University was the opening of the Alley of Friendship in April the 18th. 50 flags of states, of which the students are enrolled in high school, were raised to the sounds of the anthem of the international student.

As the assistant to the rector Alexander Nemtsov, 4000 Avenue of smokers supported the project on the ballot in social networks.

- These flags symbolize a student friendship. At one of the forums, this initiative was taken by the students themselves, and we have implemented this idea, - says Alexander. Continue reading