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The Southwest State University is located in Kursk, Central Russia

Official Documents

List of Scientific and Innovative Inventions of Scientists of Southwest State University

Field of Scientific Activity Inventions
Energy Conservation and Efficiency
  1. Experimental Model of Electric Energy Source on the Basis of Solidphase Dissipation of Transition Metals in the Nanopatterned Graphite;
  2. Nanopatterning of Refractory Oxides during Laser Ablation;
  3. Constructions of Broaching Instrument for Process of Irregularly Shaped Holes in Component Parts of Drill Rigs;
  4. Laser Method of Producing of Oil and Hydrological Well Screens;
  5. Automatic Heat Controller for Heat Supply Systems of Buildings;
  6. Automatic Radiator Heat Controller;
  7. Automatic Self-Supporting Device for the Gadget Cable Pulling;
  8. Assembly for Decreasing Power Capacity of Blast Hole Drilling by Thermomechanical Machines;
  9. Heat Exchanger of Vortex Type;
  10. Smoke Fumes Cleaning Header for Heat Generators of Self-Supporting Heat Supply Systems;
  11. Glass Unit Air Heater;
  12. Recycling of Luminescent Mercury Lamps and Demercuration;
  13. Nanounderlayer Technologies and Development of Devices for Adaptive Control of Parameters of Power Electrical Connections in Accumulators;
  14. Technologies of Selective Dressing by Floatation using the Results of Mathematical Modeling of Gas Nanobubbles Adherence and Flowing on the Surface of Minerals’ Nanoparticles;
  15. Technology of precious metals’ nanoscale structures extraction from mineral raw materials and anthropogenic products based on laser agglomeration sintering;
  16. Development and Implementation in Industry of Disconnection Switches with Nano-Structuered Surface of Contact Pairs;
  17. Development and Implementation of Hydrophobic Nanocoatings on Contact Joints;
  18. Remote-Control Mobile Robots for Pipeline Inner Surface Monitoring;
  19. Precision Measuring Impulse Generator (new models);
  20. Wide-Range Vacuum Gage;
  21. Low-Frequency Acoustic Flowmeter for Gas and Liquids;
  22. Teaching Training Aids;
  23. Organization of Magnetite and Hematite Magnetic Nanoparticles Producing at the Mikhaylovsky Ore-Dressing Combined Works;
  24. Producing of Powders out of Conducting Waste of Machine-Building Industry;
  25. Technology of Forming of Complex Noncontinuous Surface with High Requirements to Processing Accuracy;
  26. Development of a New Technology for Manufacturing of Lead-Acid Accumulators with Surface Electrodes
Strategic Information Technologies
  1. Geoinformation System Implementation Technology;
  2. Surface Laser Scanning Implementation Technology;
  3. Prospective Regional Grid-System for Administrative Power Bodies and Corporate Structures;
  4. Development of scientific and technical basics and technologies of analysis when processing, storing, transferring and protecting information for effective quality and risk management;
  5. Estimation Technology of Flotation Activity of Surface-Active Materials and Flotation Control at Mineral Dressing;
  6. Optico-Electronic Device for Symbolic Information Reading;
  7. Control Module of Moving Objects Labeling Automatic System;
  8. Wideband Acousto-optic Fourier Transform Processors of Microwave Range and Systems based on them;
  9. Optical-Electronic Device for Estimation of Water Content in Liquid Fuel.
Space Technologies and Telecommunication
  1. Automatic System for Information Acquisition, Processing, Storage and Display for Estimation of Efficiency of Regional Power Bodies’ Activities;
  2. Development of Scientific and Technical Basics and Technologies for Moving Objects Control on the basis of the GPS/GLONASS Satellite Navigation Systems;
  3. New Generation of Vacuum Gages;
  4. Complex of Airspace Images Vectorization and Formation of Electronic Maps’ Topical Layers;
  5. Development of Devices for Nanosurface Low Temperature Thermo Diffusion Control for Providing of Correlation and Autocorrelation Safe Parameters of of Micro- and Nanoelectronic Devices Interconnecting.
Medical Technologies
  1. Automatic Complex for Noninvasive Diagnosis of Human Skin;
  2. Automatic Instant Diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis of Lower Leg;
  3. Remote Controlled Programme Micromanipulator with Piezoelectric Actuators for Medical Applications;
  4. Complex of Devices for Daily Monitoring of Electro-Cardio Signals;
  5. Magnetotherapy Device for Urological and Gynecologic Diseases Treatment;
  6. Sensitive Viscosimeter;
  7. Optico-Electronic Device for Oculomotor System Diagnosis.
Technologies of Environmentally Safe Resource Conservation Industry and Processing of Agricultural Raw Materials and Light Industry Products
  1. Technology of Pectin Substances Producing out of Sugar Beet Pulp;
  2. Processing of Damaged Beet Routs;
  3. Sugar with Plant Raw Materials Extractions;
  4. Technology of Knitted Goods Treatment with Nanosilver Solution.