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Southwest State University

The Southwest State University is located in Kursk, Central Russia

SWSU will host the ‘Startup Tour 2017’ in Kursk

Startup Tour 2017Yesterday SWSU held a regional presentation session of the International Competition of innovative projects “Startup Tour 2017” for young scientists, innovators and developers of Kursk region.

“Startup Tour” is a great project of “Skolkovo” Foundation in Russia which is created to look for promising innovative start-up teams to start a project dealing with the implementation of high-tech projects: IT, biomedicine, energy, space and nuclear technology. The purpose of the tour is not only to find promising innovative solutions, but also to help young developers in making their own development strategies.

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SWSU International Projects

Dear Friends! If you are creative and communicative, if you have got no language barriers, if you are interested in participating in the largest Russian and international scientific, educational and exhibition projects, we are looking for YOU!

International Center for Technology Transfer of SWSU conducts competitive recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students (boys and girls) who speak English to work in a team of organizers of SWSU international projects:

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